“Traps” Don’t Exist And Here’s Why – Transcript

So ya’ll had to go and do it again didn’t ya?  In the 8th episode of the most popular original anime of the season, a genuinely great show, one of the idols gets her backstory, and we learn that she’s trans.  She originally had a guy’s name that she strongly rejects, and will insist upon being called by her chosen name if people use it. This is identical to trans people choosing new, gender-appropriate names for themselves.  She is said to have different “junk” i.e., genitals, than the other girls. The cause of her death was a heart attack that she had upon seeing a facial hair growing, right after she insisted that she won’t grow up and let her body change.  Some people have been unashamedly lying and saying that in the original Japanese it isn’t this explicit, when in fact it’s more so. Continue reading

I Escaped The Fear Of Death, I Was Lucky

I have an acute fear of economic death.  I don’t know how quintessential an experience this is to my generational peers, though I know many of them have gone through it, and rates of economic anxieties or flat-out hopelessness seem to speak to the fact that I’m not wholly alone in it.  It first hit me when I first moved out at age 19, and started living on my own, supporting myself. All of a sudden there came a consciousness of the fact that if for whatever reason, within my control, or, let’s be real here, more likely outside of it, I stopped making money, I would shortly die.   Continue reading

Defending The Deletion of DACA, A Poli-Sci Perspective

Now, let me begin this piece with the caveat that I don’t believe the philosophy of “no let’s just take as empathetic a route as possible and help people” to necessarily be an invalid one.  However, what I do want to do is explore the thought process behind the recent DACA decision from reasoning based in the current political paradigm, and what that means. Continue reading